Conditions We Treat

Type of Care You Seek

We provide three types of care: relief, corrective and comprehensive.

Relief Care

Most people who seek out the help of a chiropractor suffer from pain, generally lower back and/or neck pain, and want to get out of pain as soon as possible. We strive to do just that: provide pain relief. The focus of our treatment is to correct subluxations, joints that are functionally impaired and are producing a neuromuscular abnormality that prevents normal pain-free motion. In some cases subluxation correction alone will not be enough to completely resolve the pain complaint or to provide lasting relief. What is often needed in addition to adjustments is correction of postural abnormalities for example that are part of an aberrant nervous system response that results in subluxations and pain. In these cases we will recommend corrective care in order to get lasting relief.

An example is headache. These quite often respond to correction of upper cervical subluxations via chiropractic adjustments. Yet if the upper cervical subluxation is caused by or reactive to, for example, chronic head forward posture or loss of the normal cervical curve, the headache will have a tendency to reoccur until correction of the underlying stressor.

Often pain sufferers are taking pain medication, either over-the-counter or prescription. We offer the alternative of very effective herbal supplements for pain and inflammation that “gets us over the hump” to pain relief and have the added important benefit of not causing stomach, liver and kidney damage that is the inevitable consequence of pain medications.

Corrective Care 

One goal we always have in mind is to identify underlying stressors which have caused the subluxations. These may be posture, abnormalities identified on an x-ray, muscle tension or weakness, or co-morbidity (e.g. osteoarthritis).

We use a variety of corrective care approaches. Core strengthening and a basic stretching program is generally the first step. More aggressive and safe approaches to rehabilitate posture can be very powerful tools to achieve long term and more permanent correction. Posture Pump® is very effective in improving range of motion, increasing the normal cervical curve, and even rehabbing degenerated discs if used properly. Fulcrums in the form of specialized made foam blocks can reduce the chronic, exaggerated kyphosis (AKA head forward posture or chronic slouch). Both systems are combined with stretching and strengthening exercises to achieve long term long lasting improvement. Posture Pump® and fulcrums can be purchased and used at home. Pressure over time creates postural abnormalities and pressure over time combined with exercise and improved ergonomics can correct or reduce abnormalities. This is a lifelong pursuit and rewards those who stick to a program for the long run.

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care would encompass relief care, corrective care and nutritional evaluation. The goal is to optimize health in all regards including diet, exercise, supplements and periodic chiropractic maintenance adjustments. The benefits are an improved ability to handle stress, achieving an optimal weight and avoiding chronic disease. See the Nutrition portions of this website for more information.

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