Lower back pain

We treat lower back pain of all types: lower back pain, lower back stiffness, lower back pain that radiates into the legs, or leg pain by itself.

Chiropractors treat what we call subluxations. Subluxations are those spinal joints that are functionally impaired and are producing a neuromuscular abnormality that prevents normal pain-free motion. In addition to bony components (“bone out of place”) there are generally muscular components like muscle weakness or muscle hypertonicity (“tight muscle”).

After a through history and exam we identify the subluxations that need correction. Your posture provides important information about how your body has responded to and compensated for the stresses you have experienced in your life. In this regard your history can be important such as injuries new or old and the type of work you do or have done. This background helps us determine how frequently we need to treat and how long it will take to get you out of pain and fully functional. If the condition warrants we may order an x-ray or MRI.

Ice or heat may be appropriate and simple exercises may be started early in treatment to begin the process of normalizing nervous system response. For those who are motivated to further rehab their spine we will teach core strengthening and stretching exercises in depth.

Chiropractic subluxations are corrected utilizing Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique®. Dr. Floyd Minana is Advanced Proficiency Certified in Activator Technique. Activator utilizes an precision instrument to move the bony segment (“the adjustment”) and has numerous research studies proving its efficacy. We also use intersegmental traction and soft tissue therapeutics to, for example, reduce trigger points and stretch myofascial contractions.

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