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You Will Live Longer Than You Think. Isn't it time you took better care of yourself?

Study after study proves that exercise makes for a longer life. Not just longer but with better function across all categories. One of the most notable studies was done by the Copper Institute (http://www.cooperinstitute.org/). They started tracking people with their first patient back in 1970. They have shown that highly fit men and women are about 70% less likely to die than those who were unfit.

A lower risk of heart disease and diabetes with regular exercise are well established. Lower risk of cancer is also thought to be a benefit of exercise. Now preliminary studies suggest that the risk of Alzheimer's disease declines with exercise. Here's another interesting fact about exercise.

Walk Faster, Live Longer

I really love this one because I run very slowly but I walk very fast.

When researchers reviewed nine similarly structured studies involving nearly 35,000 adults over the age of 65, study results suggested that gait speed was a big predictor of how long people would live. To reap longevity rewards and live longer than expected, people's everyday walking speed needed to be at least 2.25 miles per hour. That's a little over 3 feet every second. People with this gait speed typically outlived the slower-striding folks in the study. (Walking this much can slash your risk of a stroke.)

A person's walking ability can be a window into the health and function of a number of systems in the body because it requires a coordinated effort between your heart, lungs, skeletal muscles, and brain. So if you walk well -- and often -- it can become a powerful tool in your quest to live a longer life. And maintaining a healthy spine and good nutrition will allow you to walk faster…and live longer!

Convinced? Now get moving! And…explore our site for some guidance on core strengthening, neck and shoulder exercises, stretching exercises and exercises for golf fitness.

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